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Friday, November 15, 2013


Just a advance notice to let pensioners know that pension checks, even government checks in Canada will stop as our present system crashes.  All banks will crash, best to remove the diamonds , gem stones, gold, pea seed and cash from your safety deposit boxes and dig them into your back yard.  Only the peas will continue to hold it's present value.   Pretend values are just that, imaginary.  So if a pink diamond sells for billions of dollars, the belief that the shiny rock is  now worth billions kind of gets set in people's minds.  Two players in the rock collection club can drive up the pretnd value in people's minds of certain uncommon rocks.  Now if you have a pile of these rocks you can sell them to other rock gathers at a good profit.  This is common practice to increase 'value ' of   Art , old stuff, actors junk, gladiators false teeth, etc.  There are many ways to drive up the 'money' value of items.  When it is peaked, hold as a asset to borrow against as long as pretend values can be maintained, or sell off to other dead brain cells with excess numbers (cash) who are playing the game. 
     Of course it is common sence to invest in younger folks who need encouragement to get into sensible real work such as growing food.  Helping out the youth will help them help you should need arise for you in the future,  and you might live longer just to shell some peas. Right now we know a number of young people around BC, some with children that would go crazy to work on a piece of land,  and if this was made possible without the chains of rent, payments, taxes,  there is no doubt miracles would happen for both the giver and receiver.  Watch for opportunities, broad cast your desires, take a small step when you find a place to put your food down.  And the Garden Party is taking action to making the 'transition' , gathering seed, tools, food processing equipment to provide freely to any good project we need in place, before, the crash of insanity.  We do need some safe storage on Vancouver Island  and the mainland to store things that we are using as well as keeping for other projects.   

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