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Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is your country, this is my country.  This is your flag, this my flag.  This is your  money, this is my money. This is your god, this is my god. These are my gladiators, those are your gladiators.  These are my drones, those are your drones.  What a nut house!   The Garden Party's  Passport is a shovel.  We declare  Diplomatic Status for all of our 7209 gardener spies who can quickly go underground , should the opportunity show itself.   The Minister for More Unemployment see success at shutting down Toxic Press Board Giant, Ikea.  The employees must feel healthier on strike,  not breathing all those toxic glues that are still being noticed 10 years after production.   Its in the office, store, school, every house and apartment, making everyone less healthy.  Time to shut down making toxic junk and encouraging the local quality made wooden things.    For experienced skilled carpenters, let your tools be your Passports, Diplomatc Status.  Keep the Lawyers without passports, and offer a rehabilitation, most are repeat offenders, but the Garden Party has not given up on anyone yet, not even Harper or Clark. 
     Get your free pass for Nov.  21st World Do Nothing Day,  Do not shop, or fly drones, lay pipe , drive or drill,  just listen for the silence.   If you don't get clear direction,  keep doing nothing, at least your foot print will get smaller, and that is something.

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