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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oil Tankers

    So Liberal Mob, ( coalition of old Conservative Mob and wacky Bennett Social Credit Mob )  the  elected government of BC,  and Mr Clean, the elected member of parliament who calls himself Prime Minister of Canada,  a wall want to sell off every resource there can get their clean hands on.  Instant Cash,  so we can buy all the junk made from our resources, then thrown in a dump and leave poison ground water for our grand kids.  Less is what we Need, No Pipe Line,  No More Tankers, Less Natures Gas, we don't have to smelt the ore for the steel for the boats and pipe, and use all that fuel in transportation.  And the reward for doing all this slavery is junk.  Oh, by the way , Nov 21st is World Buy Nothing Day,  and From our Minister For More Unemployment:   "Happy Holidays",  may they be long and full of fruit !

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