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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Occupation Sask

     Another Shut Down by The Garden Party is uranium mining.  If your pension funds are invested in mining of gold, diamonds, and uranium,  transfer them to Food Banks,  The Garden Party is studimg the possibility of converting bank buildings into vegetable grow-ops, with the vaults growing mushrooms.  Food Banks are already the fastest growing industry in Canada, and they are very likly to become even more popular.  Food Bank of Canada,  First Food Bank of America, great place to invest!  What's in your vault?   Waste paper and scrap metal?  We have dried peas in our vault. 
     Our Minister For More Unemployment is fixing his snowshoes and is headed to Northern Sask. to give shovels and pea seed to all  uranium miners who quit their jobs in advance of the industry crash.  The Food Bank of Canada will give non returnable advances to encourages more necessary unemployment.

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