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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nuclear Reactors

    Pull your pension funds out of the nuke industry, the World Garden Party is digging in,  we do not have a energy shortage,  we do have a energy glut.  Half the food produced, does not get eaten.  Massive amounts of clothing, worn a few times are chucked.  Packaging , useless paper work,  aluminum beer cans, transportation, Oct 31 Pretend Party junk, Xmas junk, Feb 14 junk , sports junk,  lotto junk,  Fast Food Junk.  If you need to pretend , pretend.  Without the Junk,  it's costs are real.  Nuke Power Plants.  The Garden Party 7000 world wide secret  spy network, come out from underground and take a baby step today, shut down nuke plants and energy glut.

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