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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 21st, Stop Day.

     Why not try something else.  Why not have a day to do nothing?   One day all over the world,  or just in your personal world.  The 21st of every month, will end up on every day of the week, on people's birthday and funeral.  Let Common Sense prevail.  Use the day as you wish, ideas will evolve.  Wake Up for the day where you want to be, and Be there all day.  Impact on the world, 3% of problem solved, use the day to garden, 6% of problem solved, get together with people on other side of silly fence, grow a Peace Garden, 42% of problem solved, just by having, with everybody else. a DO NOTHING DAY NOVEMBER 21st! 
     This could be something, else. 
     World Garden Party reminder to its 7800 spies, slow down, save money, Buy Nothing!  

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