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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lotteries Real Cost

Train loads of tickets, train loads of equipment, train loads of fuel for transportation and production and what is getting accomplished.   Small  business profits for useless work.  Work and profits for advertizeing industry, more useless work consuming energy and resources.   Equipment suppliers, and all the junk made to run the stupid lotteries are also big profits for the organized crime.  After Elected goverments take their cut for administration, and addict rehab, one or two  percent is given often to questionable charities.   Every stupid little thing becomes train loads and tanker loads when 350 million people are shoveling a teaspoon into garbage cans everyday.  Add on the pollution, mining, sick people,  talley up all the real costs and you end up with everyone a loser, even if you don't play the brain dead games..  
     The Garden Party Minisiter for More Unemployment is reminding all 7233 spies , Buying Lotto Junk,  Canadian Tire Coupons,  Air miles points junk,  all add up to Train Loads of waste adding more problems.   Accept non of it, and, complain every time junk is offered till junk is history. Yes,  being a honest grump is better than being a deceiving nice guy. Dig in,  Nov 21st, World Buy Nothing Day!

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