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Friday, November 29, 2013

Less is More

    Yea shall be redeemed without money,  or something like that,  it's in the book.  If one claims nothing, of ownership, you may have to recognize stewardship.  Property owns you, things own you, pets own you, your car owns you.  You may be perfectly happy maintaining all that owns you, enjoy.  Somehow claiming nothing more than the space that your body occupies, you suddenly realize you own the whole world, what a mess,  now you are owned by the earth, it is the miracle of having a life, now let's get some enjoyment out of our lives , stop all garbage and junk production, and clean up the mess we made and get your car off the road, we suggest 20% less driving, every year, 100% if you feel so inclined.  
      The Garden Party will continue it's Xmas policy of filling socks with standing forests, untouched gas and oil deposits, undammed rivers, and clean air by purchasing nothing for Xmas and having a empty landfill site to grow a garden.   May you have Merry Uncorperate Xmas. 
     According to our Minister For More Unemployment,  this is officially the First World Buy Nothing For Xmas, the biggest garbage making day of the year.  And as The Minister would like to shut down all garbage dumps, and cause more unemployment, thus the demand for garbage trucks would disappear, causing more slaves to be freed from the auto manufacturing and mining industry, not to mention all the spin off jobs  maintaining the suits and ties, there sure is a lot of unemployment starting to come on, just because the slush fund went dry.
     Right now in Vancouver we are looking for Garden Spaces near Granville Island Pubic Market.  And tree pruning starts now on Vancouver Island , and in a couple of weeks in the Chilliwack aera.

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