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Friday, November 1, 2013

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

     Canada has had a Moneyocratacy for a long time. Thanks to the Unelected Garden Party Government of Canada who are taking control of their lives, this movement, one little step at a time, you know when you  have to put your foot down, has already spread to almost every country, and has a life of it's own, constantly evolveing, what does not work , like elected governments, drop them.   What works,  Keep.  With the New Canadian Government, everyone can have a direct say, in Government .  Be the Government, it is starting everywhere by One Person.   Now Start working together.   This has been a message from our minister responcable for propaganda and finance, who has picked apples from two places, planted pots of garlic and onions, all in instant composts, killing slugs and admiring the earth worms today,  and all the soil now in this rock pile in two years.  Our Minister of Economy spent not one cent, this project is vining out to new locations and now is developing a Mushroom Pickers Co-op. And setting up the University Edcation for Pickiing, cooking, processing and distribution.  We do not pay our professors, classroom is in the bush, students come equipped, let it evolve, don't lose sight of the goal.  BC Feeds BC, in 8 1/2 Years.  All over the world.

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