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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iran Sanctions Dropped

     The New Government of Canada, from Saanich BC to Stead Manitoba and underground to Cornerbrook   Newfoundland, the Garden Party has dropped all embargoes  and welcomes Iranians to the Peoples Diplomatic Core.  As a token of good will we will send 21 Putin Peas by Armoured Pony Express.  Not to be a " stick in the mud " the New Government of most of Canada opens it's borders to all Iranian Tourists.  There is a must see attraction in Gold River on the logging road to Star Lake, about a K or two, over the bank,  come soon as tour buses are in the plans, and, as the relics are unprotected, it will no doubt be picked over by a flood of tourists digging around Gold River for souvenirs.  A good opportunity for pension funds to pull out of the crashing uranium mining corporations and open a bed and breakfast in Gold River on Vancouver Island where you can grow a winter garden.  When you are there, don't miss the trees that are no longer there, embrace the clear cuts, the new norm for all Vancouver Island.  These clear cuts are a great place to grow fruit and nut trees while we wait 400 years for the fir spruce hemlock and cedars to come back to good size.  Save the trees, stop buying lottery junk and having elections.

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