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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Buy Nothing Xmas

Give the gift of fish in the sea,  trees in the forest,  gold and diamonds in the ground, and dig a garden.    Xmas has been the biggest corporate  Junk selling Event of the year.   This event is followed by the most stuff sent to the dump.  This year give the kids a empty landfill site, they will thank you for it later. The Garden Party has called for No Buying Days on the 21st of every month but our Minister of Finance has not bought anything this year.  That makes our Minister For More Unemployment feel like every day is Xmas.  So feel free to have as many no buying days as you like.
    Our team of lawyers now preparing to pull invasive plants off our beaches.
   Nov 21st is our next official World Buy Nothing Day, one little step at a time, put your foot down on Corperate Xmas, 

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