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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Evolving Garden

      Started in a rock pile with a couple of pots we call Instant Gardens.  It is just large discarded planter pots.  Layered, rough material that will rot given time and moisture, on top of that food waste, leaves, grass clipping, on top of that, any dirt available, and plant what you want to grow.   Our first crop of garlic did well and all were kept for seed,  from a few bulbs we grew a larger crop,  Most of that crop is being planted now, in a new pot,  same process, with soil improving each cycle, and more of it.  Try it out for a project, you will be staying alive just to watch them grow.  Each pot, another garden.  We have a few hundred on the go,   One pot leads to another, and before you know it, you have a Garden. From the Garden, doing nothing all day. Decided to have a long weekend on both sides of the 21st, the official World Do Nothing Day, that is spreading around the globe like a manure spreader in a corn field.  Next Official Do Nothing Day is Dec 21st,  but if you want to splurge,  have a bunch of them, and make sure to not miss the 21st.
    Weakie Leeks, pensions on chopping block, just thought we should let you know.

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