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Monday, November 18, 2013

Come On People, Garden.

     Recycling our tin cans and all that packaging junk is not enough.  Most of it should not be made.   Getting back to the Garden will lower our foot print, improve our physical and mental   health, give us food security, and as long as money is around, fatten our purse.     Besides, if you grow it, you know what you are eating and what you are not eating.
     So Dig Up your Backyard, Dig Up your Front Yard, your Empty Lots, City Hall, plant fruit and nut trees along Sidewalks, By-Ways and High-Ways.  Decrease driving 20% this week and maintain it for a year.  If your job has validity, move within walking distance.  Plant a Garden.  Pots are easy and portable.  
     Occupation Apple Tree made up about 70 Instant Pot Gardens In two days and planted 3 to 7 garlic in each pot.  Each of these pots will also get cuttings put in them.  We have one and two year old figs, and grapes,  all ready for planting.   
     This project BC FEEDS BC is funded by the New Government of BC,  that collects no taxes, has a slush fund, does not consider elections anywhere in Canada democratic, and has dug it way under them.  We are not wasting real resources to bother having any more elections to pretend we are a Democracy. The Garden Party always get results when it votes with a shovel.   

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