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Friday, November 22, 2013

Coal Industry Crashing

      We know that BC coal is hauled out and shipped overseas by the train loads, it seems every day,  but a close look at the numbers, taking in all the expenses and pay-offs,  a few people are getting rich and the rest of us get to fill the hole.  Yes it is jobs jobs jobs and what gets done?  We have big holes.  Most of our coal is going to Asia to create electric power to make all that stuff we have been subliminally commandeered to buy, so we can now throw all that Stuff in a valley or lake and fill it up and build a toxic mountain.  Everything you recycle or reuse still ends up in a dump, or in the air or water,   Obvious action, quickly get your pension funds out of Coal, Gas, and Oil.  And of course all "feed in" industries, and "junk distributers, the big box of junk stores.  WHY NOT HAVE A MERRY BUY NOTHING XMAS just for A CHANGE!   And a Prosperous New Year,  Without a Hole.  A message from BC's Minister For More Unemployment, who has crashed the price of soft yellow rocks and is now after crashing gas, oil, uranium and expects coal socks to fall by Xmas.

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