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Thursday, November 7, 2013

BC Natural Gas

BC's elected Leader at tax payers expense is now releasing her ad campaign to convince the whales that they should trust her not to spill any dirty oil in their pool with the planned 500 tankers trips a year through their living room.  How would you feel having 500 tankers a year going through your living room?  It is going to a expensive ad campaign to convince the whales to agree to the Tankers.
   Another paid ad to push people into selling off the biggest pile of natural gas in the world to pay off BC's Debt.  Sell all resources to pay off imaginary numbers, are we getting richer or poorer?  Since the Gas PR Liberal Leader in the ad stated that this pile of Gas belonged to all the people of BC,  The Garden Party and it's 7124 spies would like to exercise democracy and want their share of the gas left in the ground.  These taxpayer ads are just a part of getting manufactured  consent.  She is claiming that the people of BC  voted the Liberals in because  she was pushing gas.  Reality is 52% of the People did not give a fart about the illegal election.  And with that Gas Money leeking out during the election, the Liberals got 30% (guess) of those who voted.   At best 15% of eligible voter.  And she failed on her first attempt to get elected.  She then was given a safe riding  and was voted in by dead brain cells.  Money has had a lot more say than whales and people.  Not any more! 

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