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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bad News For Corperations

      When the world is being run by corporations as it is now, the more resources we waste, the more money they make.  Any sensible person should know that to expand this insanity around the Globe,  we will wipe out!
      The crash of corporations has started,  Monsanto, Ikea, the Nuclear Industry, many others will all crash and will not be replaced.  The whole 'system' could unravel.  We should be prepared, know what to do, start doing it now. There is a huge shift taking place on spaceship Earth, all hands on deck, one small step at a time. 
    Some Money advice , if your pension funds are tied up with any corporation, you stand to lose your shirt.  Transfer your funds to The First Food Bank of America, if you are American, for those of us fixing our snowshoes we have the Food Bank of Canada, coast to coast in every town and city.  We are very proud to tell you we will balance our books for the next election, if we even bother to have one.
    Eat and Drink
     Do not eat
      Do not eat

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