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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abolish The Elected Government

In Canada there is talk of Abolishing the Senate because it is undemocratic and  has power over the undemocratic House Of Commons.  The Garden Party, the unelected Government of Canada has only one Senator,   A Potato Farmer from Prince Edward Island, who is on Holiday Pay living in Ontario, trying to get rid of the House of Coin Operated Politicians,  we doubt there ever was a House of Commoners.   Well, there is one now,  and the Garden Party has its own Parliament, and we regularly sit and get all the paperwork done right after coffee in the morning,  have breakfast, and look for Pine Mushrooms,  All Apples Have Been Picked.  Free lessons on pruning old Fruit Trees start in a couple of weeks,  Vancouver Island,   Professor  from UCBS, will hold all classes in trees, experts transfer your skills,  this is a opportunity for those young people to add a skill or three, without charge, plus accomplish something,  making a social contribution and making community.   BC Feeds BC , 8 1/2 years, another little step.
     Look at this Pine plant 
    Seventy One Pines
   Taste these apples, yum.

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