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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Occupation Gardens Vancouver BC

Wanted spaces to garden in every area of BC.  Yes we have the tools and pea seed, grape vines, figs , raspberries, kale  and people who want to garden, and we will take care of any old fruit trees.  Area preferred for garden is always closest to where people live, garden spaces near the down town area, including Granville Island Pubic Market. If you know of any locations Email  : . Or drop in at the market on a Thursday that we are there and visit Louis at the Wild Products table.  Happy Buy Nothing for Xmas Year.  BC Feeds BC and starting next spring,  Man. Feeds Man.

Minister of Everything

   The Garden Party will miss the Minister of Everything he knows nothing about, but performs miracles by moving rocks. It is hard to go underground on a big rock, but snow should give him plenty of cover in Cornerbrook NFL. 

Instant Garden Rerun Post

    Food waste , planter pot , rakeings , any soil available .
   Simple,  1/3 leaves etc, 1/3 food waste without meat.
     1/3 soil and presto...
    The End of Monsanto !!!

Pruning Dead Wood

    There is a lot in the BC Legislature but that tree never bore good fruit and needs to be uprooted.  This week we will be working on trees in  Victoria BC, on our BC FEEDS BC in Ten Years plan.  We are expecting lay offs in all major corporations as the middle class moves down and the upper class goes looking for greener pastures to rape and plunder as Canadians keep chopping off deadwood. 
    Grandpa, Grandma, stop buying all that toxic junk to give your Grandkids, nobody wants to hurt your feelings but they should be telling you to smarten up, last years gifts are now heading to the dump.

Government Shut Down

       The Garden Party of BC, was given a Mandate of 52% of the eligible voters, who refused to participate in the last fixed election.  The Garden Party clearly campaigned to slow things down, and the majority of voters supported our policies.  That is why we are now the Government.  We have suspended elections, cancelled all taxes, debt and air fresheners.   The Government is broke but working.   This is a pay as you go gov.   So Austerity is the word of the month, and we are lowering the pay for all gov workers to one pea a month,  canceling all pay for MLAs, as well, all gov pensions for past and present politicians, will be direct deposit into the  local  Food Bank of Canada. More shut downs will be announced daily.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Less is More

    Yea shall be redeemed without money,  or something like that,  it's in the book.  If one claims nothing, of ownership, you may have to recognize stewardship.  Property owns you, things own you, pets own you, your car owns you.  You may be perfectly happy maintaining all that owns you, enjoy.  Somehow claiming nothing more than the space that your body occupies, you suddenly realize you own the whole world, what a mess,  now you are owned by the earth, it is the miracle of having a life, now let's get some enjoyment out of our lives , stop all garbage and junk production, and clean up the mess we made and get your car off the road, we suggest 20% less driving, every year, 100% if you feel so inclined.  
      The Garden Party will continue it's Xmas policy of filling socks with standing forests, untouched gas and oil deposits, undammed rivers, and clean air by purchasing nothing for Xmas and having a empty landfill site to grow a garden.   May you have Merry Uncorperate Xmas. 
     According to our Minister For More Unemployment,  this is officially the First World Buy Nothing For Xmas, the biggest garbage making day of the year.  And as The Minister would like to shut down all garbage dumps, and cause more unemployment, thus the demand for garbage trucks would disappear, causing more slaves to be freed from the auto manufacturing and mining industry, not to mention all the spin off jobs  maintaining the suits and ties, there sure is a lot of unemployment starting to come on, just because the slush fund went dry.
     Right now in Vancouver we are looking for Garden Spaces near Granville Island Pubic Market.  And tree pruning starts now on Vancouver Island , and in a couple of weeks in the Chilliwack aera.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

$ 5 billion dollars

     What would you do with five billion dollars?   The elected government, of Canada that cheated in the last election, and therefore is illegal, is spending $5B, deferring the bill to the future, for marine war junk.  Sea Span has got the building job, of course it has nothing to do with those nice political contributions it has been handing out to political parties.  That is just how things work in a free and Democratic Canada.  The fact that the majority of Canadians would sooner have Ships For Emergency Response  than Ships armed to the teeth means nothing to the Canada's Fairy Tale Prime Monster.   So,The Garden Party, the new People's Government of Canada, is fed up with backroom deals and hidden agendas.  We make all our deals and set our agendas out in the open garden, together.  With everybody.
     Another change of time: Stop all this war stuff, shut the military industry down. This is The Garden Party, out in the open agenda, to be accomplished in 8 1/2 years in Canada.  We invite the people of every Developed? Country to join in where they live, after all, it is all one garden.  Exercise, long walks, carry a sign, meet strangers, one step at a time, don't lose sight of the Goal, the end of war.

Granville market, Thursday.

This will likly be the last fresh market for mushrooms, some pines, and not so hot yellow Chants. Dried pines, lobster. And boletus.

Roger's Crash ?

     Big problem coming to a big sports pushing corporation, tied to a long contract.  Time to get all pension funds out of Rogers.  Flying Gladiators Days are Over.  Local For Fun sports are on the rise.  Nobody will be watching mind molesting commercials.  Gardening is far more stimulating.  There are a lot business people flying around with these flying Gladiators, camera crews, media advertisers and zealous fans.  This is a lot of Jet Fuel being dumped  on Our Garden every day, not to mention, adding large amount of exhaust directly to our globle warming air, way up there.   Get all your pension funds out of the Sports Industry.  They are getting the hoe!
    This has been a message from the New Government of Canada, self appointed without opposition, a benevolent dictatorship, The Garden Party, invisible, omnipresent, without enemies. Join "your " local Garden Party, good place to start, little steps, complete one before the next one, know your goal. Enjoy your life experience without screwing up something else.  Have a buy nothing day !

BC Subsidizes Corporations

Through BC Hydro, the people pay for the dam, pay for the lines, and give the power to private Corperations at a far less cost, to process and pump gas and oil, which they get for next to nothing.  All contributing to the waste making capitalist monopoly game.  We don't need more gas, oil. Jet fuel, smart meters or dams.  We do need to smarten up,  waste less and entertain ourselfs without consumption of energy resources. We do need healthy oceans, healthy forests, clean air, water and local unpoisened food.   The planned "Site C" Dam to Flood more land, to make jobs to continue to trash the planet is just one more brick on the camels overloaded back.  The Garden Party of BC Cancels all attority of  the corrupt elected government.  No Dam, No New Piplines. No Garbage Dumps.  The Garden Party of Alberta is shutting down the dirty oil, and the Garden Party of Sask. is closing down urainium mining.  What is your Garden Party Not Doing?

Jet Fuel Pipeline

    There is no need for a extra pipe line for jet fuel to BC's coast as the number of jets flying farmers and homeless people all over the world, making deals while hitting little hard white balls into a hole, are all getting the hoe.
     As we get most of these jets grounded, there will be even less demand for jet fuel.  
     A Message For Farmers : start gardening, all monoculture is anti enviroment, and gardening creates a much higher yield per acre, without compromising the soil. There are young and old people from all over the world in refuge camps......, your door........enjoy your life experience.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Time to Calm things down.

   Most people do not have a problem with people from somewhere else.  Warmongers will make a problem where there is none, then find a way to use good people to fight other good deceived people .  War.  "People" , if you find your leaders elected  or otherwise, pushing gas, or war, give them all a "hoe". They need to be grounded, The Garden Party suggests the pretenders take a holiday, at our latest Retreat , Winter Gardens in Saanich BC. We have a extra hoe or five, but we would like them to bring their own.
     Message for pensioners, "gather every hoe you can get", even broken ones.  You can use them just like a pension check.  The demand for them increases daily, there is a fair amount of people who need a hoe.
     Sell all your gas stocks and invest in your  Local Food Bank, a stable investment. 


     We now know.  We have been told, by people that should know.  We have to change time.   Collectively we are killing the ocean, and even if we stop all new pollution, what is already in the system, leaking out of a million buried Garbage Dumps loaded with all the poisons and chemicals,  and still making toxic holding ponds, and finger nail polish, and dumping toxic waste into Heal Lake, that is where BC residents of Victoria, Sooke, Oak Bay, Salt Spring Island,  dump most of their Toxic Waste, one million lbs per day, we should be freaking out!  Sedative anyone? Pushing  gas , pushing coal , pushing booze, pushing oil, pushing sports, pushing drugs, money money money , and public land sales in the plans.  Send Your Money, Give us Your Voice, we will get experts and lawyers and make deals. Bull Shit!  Time to Get a shovel!   Or are you waiting for a hoe?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iran Sanctions Dropped

     The New Government of Canada, from Saanich BC to Stead Manitoba and underground to Cornerbrook   Newfoundland, the Garden Party has dropped all embargoes  and welcomes Iranians to the Peoples Diplomatic Core.  As a token of good will we will send 21 Putin Peas by Armoured Pony Express.  Not to be a " stick in the mud " the New Government of most of Canada opens it's borders to all Iranian Tourists.  There is a must see attraction in Gold River on the logging road to Star Lake, about a K or two, over the bank,  come soon as tour buses are in the plans, and, as the relics are unprotected, it will no doubt be picked over by a flood of tourists digging around Gold River for souvenirs.  A good opportunity for pension funds to pull out of the crashing uranium mining corporations and open a bed and breakfast in Gold River on Vancouver Island where you can grow a winter garden.  When you are there, don't miss the trees that are no longer there, embrace the clear cuts, the new norm for all Vancouver Island.  These clear cuts are a great place to grow fruit and nut trees while we wait 400 years for the fir spruce hemlock and cedars to come back to good size.  Save the trees, stop buying lottery junk and having elections.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Occupation Israel

    All nuclear arms are on the hoe list of The World Garden Party,   It is time that all so called Nations with the big guns that are more likely to blow up themselves than anybody else, stop being so dumb.  The best deterrent is making friends with folks around you,  the World Garden Party is calling for decommission of all Nuclear Weapons, world wide, in 8 1/2 years.  So take note,  all countries attempting to get, and those who have, send Nuclear Weapons into the " History of the Evolution of Mankind".  The Garden Party, the New World Order states  " THERE WILL BE NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN THE NEAR FUTURE ".
     We will be deploying our 7928 spies to dig underground in all countries with the big bombs and Nuclear Reactors.  Dig them into the past and Peace Gardens without borders into the future, hand tools only.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Coal Industry Crashing

      We know that BC coal is hauled out and shipped overseas by the train loads, it seems every day,  but a close look at the numbers, taking in all the expenses and pay-offs,  a few people are getting rich and the rest of us get to fill the hole.  Yes it is jobs jobs jobs and what gets done?  We have big holes.  Most of our coal is going to Asia to create electric power to make all that stuff we have been subliminally commandeered to buy, so we can now throw all that Stuff in a valley or lake and fill it up and build a toxic mountain.  Everything you recycle or reuse still ends up in a dump, or in the air or water,   Obvious action, quickly get your pension funds out of Coal, Gas, and Oil.  And of course all "feed in" industries, and "junk distributers, the big box of junk stores.  WHY NOT HAVE A MERRY BUY NOTHING XMAS just for A CHANGE!   And a Prosperous New Year,  Without a Hole.  A message from BC's Minister For More Unemployment, who has crashed the price of soft yellow rocks and is now after crashing gas, oil, uranium and expects coal socks to fall by Xmas.