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Monday, October 14, 2013

USA Debt

The Garden Party, has a solution for all countries to resolve their debt problems. Drop them.  It has been a scam anyway. Who would suffer if governments dropped their debt.  The government, as long as money is kept as a mode of operation, could print money to take care of what has to be done, what the problem? Who suffers? Parhaps the scam operators. By the structure of a democratic government, if the majority is for this action, it is doable, call up your local whatever, and ask nicely the first time, to serve you by clearing all Government Debt. Enough of this Numerology,  coin operated politicians, and waste, waste, waste.  Rip and tear the planet apart, destroy all forests, polute the oceans,  kill everything, to make money to pay a debt for everything already done to people who did not do any of it, what as scam!  What a waste of all the real resources to maintain our present course.  Of course we are going to change things.  Operation Apple Tree is changing course, digging all the way.

    This is a few months old, look up the current clock, it really means nothing to the garden party, we have balanced minds.
    Purple corts, inside all the outside, hairy vail.
   Bees are increasing, stocks of Monsanto are decreasing. More propaganda.

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