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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Next Step

      We in the garden know many things are coming down, the top is coming down as the pyramid structure crumbles, all it's forms have failed. You don't have to take it down, it is coming down at lighting speed now.  Are your communities  ready for the crash?   Will you able to eat ?  Is there a real community in Canada?  Or is it all just a divided house canceling each other out while serving a criminal mob, with suits and ties that are useless, at least in the garden they are useless.
     The more we ready ourselves, and start applying , living the change the transition will be easier.  A lot of people taking little steps every day will make a big difference.  Like our 15000 spies can move a lot of dirt in a day.  Tell everyone about your goals and your next step.   
     We would like to find storage space soon for tools and items we are gathering for planned projects that will immediately start creating a local food supply.  It is the way of the future, good healthy clean food, locally grown.  We need space for a utility trailer,  It can be out side,  south island and mainland, At present it is used  for storage of tools but hope to have it working May to Nov next Year.  These are all big governments projects, and the Garden Party slush fund is not very big and we could print our own  money out of the sky just like Fed Reserve does. And lends it out, you pay em back, and think they got something real, and up to now the scam worked, and is still working.   The US, deepest in debt, their money is worthless, but their Military have Drones.   Cling Ons.  

     Washing into the lake.
    Junk for next sales push, Stop Buying Junk Day, Every Day !

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