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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rural Renewal

     The Garden Party has now fully engaged in establishing it's Rural Renewal Plan for South Vancouver Island.  We are self Governing and do not recognize the illegal elected government, due to laws made to keep all " rife raif" from participating in elections in BC. Democracy means inclusion, we do not have democracy anywhere in Canada, where money talks, people have nothing to say, of course The Garden Party knows that too is now history. Rural Renewal Project is now ready with worker bees, to take on more Fruit Trees and land to furthers our goal of BC Feeds BC in eight and one quarter years. We of course will take on land in other countries as we have Diplomatic Status,  Gardeners Without Borders, endorsed by our Minister Busybody who doesn't know any borders, sort of like Americian Drones except we plant gardens, not blow them up.   

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