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Friday, October 25, 2013

Occupation Revelstoke

Self Government is taking root in another major BC town.  Our Signs Of The Times, Minister of Whatever is painting everything green and has kiked Monsanto out of town.  She will receive the  21 pea oscar award for best performance for Oct.  So if you need a paint job, contact your local Minister, if you want cover up job, elected officials have lots of experience.
     The Garden Party is looking for a location to set up a local food processing operation in Revelstoke, BC, which will involve canning, drying, freezeing, local foods, as well as wild berries and mushrooms.  Experience is transferable, this project is for the local community, it will create jobs and provide local food security, with urban and rural renewal, under the control of the people who live here.  Self Government Furtile Seeds taking Root.

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