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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Global Warming

Must be addressed with action, not with experiments that are just as likely to add to the problem as fix anything.  To cool the planet cover it with vegetation instead of asphalt roads for heat spouting cars,  and cement babble towers built for BS.  We have the knowledge, ability and resources to roll back deserts.  More cooling evaporation can be made by flooding lakes long gone dry that are below sea level.  These are two projects that the New Government of Canada. The Garden Party has dug into.  So all you pavement makers, you car salesmen, you builders of babble towers prepare to meet our Minister for More Unemployment who has had a very successful mushroom pick today. Your new job is to start collecting every kind of seed.  Of course we can green the planet and also garden it to feed ourselves, just one happy family, right ?

    Do Now Eat this wolly chanterelle 
It could make you very unhappy.
    Gardens always lift the spirit. 

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