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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Engineering Evolution

The World Garden Party, The New World Government has begun engineering a change of course which involves all of Mankind.  A change of course means we all work together with a common purpose, hold our goods in common, quite all the nonsense waste paper jobs, quite the use of money, make sense!
     Get the Kids out of school consecration camps to learn about the natural world, to participate and learn skills like cooking, gardening, carpentry with hand tools, use your imagination . This is a top secret message to our underground infiltrators in 1500 different pieces of dirt.  In code : The seed is mature, easy to recognize and separate, know what to keep and what to drop, now let's out in the open and get on with making the transition, evolution.
     Bears Head, cooks like fish, tastes like pork.
     Sweet Tooth, hedgehog 
     Pine matsutake

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