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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Tourist Attraction

Take this opportunity to have your home town's name spread around the world by creating art from garbage dumped along roads or in the bush.  Gold River Residents can find a wide range of art supplies along the road to Star Lake. Tourists might also take a keen interest in   forest practices, and the high piles of discarded trees would make great campfires.   Enjoy what trees are left as they are going fast all over Vancouver Island, and with many of our favorite mushroom patches.  This year our best patch of blue chanterelles on Vancouver Island became a clearcut.  It was like a park, cluster bombed, then turned into lottery tickets and sales slips. Another piece of cooling cover of our warming globe turned into garbage.  Big trees cool themselves by cooling the air, we need more big old trees, global warming is real, so get all that bare ground and rock covered.  Best garbage art display from materials found at site could become a huge tourist attraction for Super Natural BC. The Real Government of BC  will give 21 dried peas to each artist. The winning artist will compete in the newest addition to the Olympics to try to get a extra pea.  Our first competition may be held in Gold River, but Campbell River is still wants the games, and make the claim that some of the bush around Campbell R actually looks like a dump.  The Garden Party will investigate as soon as our Minister of the Underground shows up. And a message to our 15000 spies, top secret so do not read it unless you are a spy,   "cover your tracks".

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