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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Next Step

      We in the garden know many things are coming down, the top is coming down as the pyramid structure crumbles, all it's forms have failed. You don't have to take it down, it is coming down at lighting speed now.  Are your communities  ready for the crash?   Will you able to eat ?  Is there a real community in Canada?  Or is it all just a divided house canceling each other out while serving a criminal mob, with suits and ties that are useless, at least in the garden they are useless.
     The more we ready ourselves, and start applying , living the change the transition will be easier.  A lot of people taking little steps every day will make a big difference.  Like our 15000 spies can move a lot of dirt in a day.  Tell everyone about your goals and your next step.   
     We would like to find storage space soon for tools and items we are gathering for planned projects that will immediately start creating a local food supply.  It is the way of the future, good healthy clean food, locally grown.  We need space for a utility trailer,  It can be out side,  south island and mainland, At present it is used  for storage of tools but hope to have it working May to Nov next Year.  These are all big governments projects, and the Garden Party slush fund is not very big and we could print our own  money out of the sky just like Fed Reserve does. And lends it out, you pay em back, and think they got something real, and up to now the scam worked, and is still working.   The US, deepest in debt, their money is worthless, but their Military have Drones.   Cling Ons.  

     Washing into the lake.
    Junk for next sales push, Stop Buying Junk Day, Every Day !

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Market Thur

Pines , hedgehog, chanterelles, admiral boletes, and a few others. Last big haul of pines, Thur fri and sat.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


For market this week, lots big pines, all ages, same for yellow chanterelles .  Thur to Sat at Granville Isand public market this week.   Check out our dried pine mushrooms, they are going fast and we are not planning to dry more this year.

Drones Again

Obama may not be informed of a lot of "secret operations" of US secret services.  But he does know about the drones.   He thinks they are being used to kill terrorists, but perhaps they are just getting target practice.  And what else or who else might these drones be used on ?  By now most Americans should know that past governments lied to them about a lot of things.  Presidents have been lied to before, Nixon for example.  Was Kennedy informed by his Secret Services before he got shot? 
     The New World Order, The Garden Party, declares that it be considered socially unacceptable to fly a drone over any garden, period.  Obama knows about the drones, so our Minister Busybody is letting Obama know that he better keep his drones out of the Garden or we will extend our embargo of Putin Peas to the US.  We know the money is worth nothing and soon everyone will know, but those that rule by the numbers will do what it can to remain in the power seat, sorry, that too, is now history. They to can grow peas and watch the real economy grow! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


    The Garden Party invites all spying countries to spy on us.  We want the full treatment, send your spies, to blend in carry a shovel or a rake, or maybe a mushroom picking bucket,  best place to find us right now is in the bush, picked pines today, snow is coming tomorrow.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Occupation Revelstoke

Self Government is taking root in another major BC town.  Our Signs Of The Times, Minister of Whatever is painting everything green and has kiked Monsanto out of town.  She will receive the  21 pea oscar award for best performance for Oct.  So if you need a paint job, contact your local Minister, if you want cover up job, elected officials have lots of experience.
     The Garden Party is looking for a location to set up a local food processing operation in Revelstoke, BC, which will involve canning, drying, freezeing, local foods, as well as wild berries and mushrooms.  Experience is transferable, this project is for the local community, it will create jobs and provide local food security, with urban and rural renewal, under the control of the people who live here.  Self Government Furtile Seeds taking Root.

Rural Renewal

     The Garden Party has now fully engaged in establishing it's Rural Renewal Plan for South Vancouver Island.  We are self Governing and do not recognize the illegal elected government, due to laws made to keep all " rife raif" from participating in elections in BC. Democracy means inclusion, we do not have democracy anywhere in Canada, where money talks, people have nothing to say, of course The Garden Party knows that too is now history. Rural Renewal Project is now ready with worker bees, to take on more Fruit Trees and land to furthers our goal of BC Feeds BC in eight and one quarter years. We of course will take on land in other countries as we have Diplomatic Status,  Gardeners Without Borders, endorsed by our Minister Busybody who doesn't know any borders, sort of like Americian Drones except we plant gardens, not blow them up.   

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Tourist Attraction

Take this opportunity to have your home town's name spread around the world by creating art from garbage dumped along roads or in the bush.  Gold River Residents can find a wide range of art supplies along the road to Star Lake. Tourists might also take a keen interest in   forest practices, and the high piles of discarded trees would make great campfires.   Enjoy what trees are left as they are going fast all over Vancouver Island, and with many of our favorite mushroom patches.  This year our best patch of blue chanterelles on Vancouver Island became a clearcut.  It was like a park, cluster bombed, then turned into lottery tickets and sales slips. Another piece of cooling cover of our warming globe turned into garbage.  Big trees cool themselves by cooling the air, we need more big old trees, global warming is real, so get all that bare ground and rock covered.  Best garbage art display from materials found at site could become a huge tourist attraction for Super Natural BC. The Real Government of BC  will give 21 dried peas to each artist. The winning artist will compete in the newest addition to the Olympics to try to get a extra pea.  Our first competition may be held in Gold River, but Campbell River is still wants the games, and make the claim that some of the bush around Campbell R actually looks like a dump.  The Garden Party will investigate as soon as our Minister of the Underground shows up. And a message to our 15000 spies, top secret so do not read it unless you are a spy,   "cover your tracks".

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mushroom Market

Will be at Granville Public Market Thur. With mainly yellow chanterelles and a few pines.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Campbell River cleaned up

Thanks to the local clean up crew .  Good ideas as well as life experience is transferable.  Life skills can best be thought hands on, books are easy to learn with or after a real example.  Most teachers today are teaching what they Learned from books. Why not have every kid plant at least one seed in pot, it has to be watered from time to time, responsibility, skill, value, lots of benifits.   

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hot Stuff, Gold River.

The Garden Party will be spying on Gold River Logging Roads to see how many resources are being dumped over the banks, often where moisture feeds into a creek, that feeds into a river, then the ocean.  Campbell River took down the tourist attraction left by the Garden Party, and without Government Permission. That's Good Self Government.  Well we will be looking into erecting a tourist attraction for Gold River this week.  Soon if they have not cleaned up the road to Star Lake. We are a tough government, it is time everybody cleaned up water ways.  Get the kids out of school and go help them clean up the mess they didn't make. 

World Shut Down Day

The World Garden Party is official declaring October 21st as the first World Shut Down Day.  So all 15,000 of our underground spies , dig in, spread the word, show the example,  and watch it grow, the seeds are fertile, not genetically programmed. " happy do nothing day "  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Garden Party Casts Spell

It may take a day or two to reach its full impact.  Seems the whole Numerology Scam could crash at any time, without warning.  So the Garden Party has decided to cast a spell, for all those believe in magic.  We did the whogabaluga and cast a spell to travel all over the world. A spell that all the magic believers put down the wand and pick up a magic shovel and start a real garden.  Even magicians have to eat. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Organized Crime Jobs for BC

    Construction of infrastructure to steal and destroy " unlimited "  natural gas resources , set up polluting refineries , pipe lines, and more roads and power lines to more disturb all the rest of life.  
   Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, to supply energy to do other Jobs, like building War Ships, banks, concentration camps, hockey pucks.  Lots of Organized Crime Jobs coming to BC soon.  Apply at Legislature, preferable if you are not from Canada,   

No Mr Harper

The Garden Party does not want you to sell off Public Assets to your contributors. There are a lot of civil servants that we welcome their unemployment, but not to privatize  their useless jobs.  Your job Mr Harper is also on the chopping block.  Be  prepared,  get a shovel,  see you in the garden.
 Edible Flower and bee, chew fast.
    Not edible as least by me.
    Very edible by me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to The Garden

Friday, will be checking gardens and picking apples, any one around Victory BC who would like to pick some apples,  plant some garlic and onions, call up the Garbage Guru , our Minister of Propagation. 

Granville Thur, Market

Cilmatized Russian Kale makes a exquisite broth with any of our mushrooms.  Perfect after working out in the garden on a cold day.  With our pines of two kinds, three types of chanterelle ,blue, white and pigs ears,  hedge hog and bears head, we have the purple green Wild Russian Kale.