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Thursday, September 19, 2013

World Clean Up Week

Started 45 years ago in Surrey' Bear Creek Acid Trip Love In, it took a while to turn the tide, but turning it is.  A clean up project started in Australia from a spark, is now becoming world wide wild fire to clean up our life support system.  What is with that that guy in Ottawa that claims he speaks for all Canadians and will not lift a finger to save the sage grouse.  Maybe it's because the oil companies value money more than life and they keep getting coin operated politicians elected.  Let coin operated politicians go extinct, save that Sage Grouse ! We suspect our pension funds are tied in to the manufacturing of toys for big boys who might also be blamed for more pressure being put on our Natural environment.  The Garden Party of Canada represent the majority of Canadians who choose to ignore elected governments who all seem to end up self serving.  Corruption, deception, fraud. and protection of 'the all mighty buck'. To break the control, as individuals take control by setting up our own government, one of personal development, and participation, freedom to evolve.  Assume you are the government,  there are ways to stop things or start things, without legislation, without money, and the more we can do without money, the more we have control of our lives.   Ignore the elected government.  Take Control, Save the Sage Grose !   The Minister of Everything including signs from NFL suggest loud screaming and his proven sign.

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