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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Occupation Vancouver

Occupation 900 Howe Street , Law Office of Mc Ne , Mc Ne ?  Not sure of spelling,  Law Office on 6th floor,  but will likely start on street at the Court House, likely This Thursday, depending on Sunny's health as he will be there to tell his story. The phone # of the law office might be 1-800 535 6565,  The garden party loves digging, perhaps others could dig out how much law firms  on both sides are milking ICBC AT the expense of accident victims, insurance payers, and of course the courts, paid by all tax payers say for the last 10 years.  Date or delay will be posted Wed., if there is a delay it will not be 10 years, people with their own story welcome,  we expect media.  More info to follow, stay posted.  See "Occupation ICBC".

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