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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Occupation Van Law office

Mc NeNey +NeNey, (not sure of spelling), former address Alexander Street, now on Howe or Hornby.  Yesterday one Mc NeNey visited Sonny in a hospital, where he was getting tests done.  Sonny had been given drugs which were still affecting him, was handed a check for $1000, given a paper to sign, which he could not read, his wife was in the Hospital but he was not allowed to look for her.  Because of bills that needed to be paid, Sonny signed yet another piece of paper without a clue what he signed. He did state that the lawyer claimed they were looking for the lost settlement check. How many millions of dollars are lawyers milking off ICBC, and accident victims. Everything seems corrupt.  Tomorrow Sonny will be going directly to ICBC to try and find out what the settlement was, and when was it done.  This really calls for a investigation of Both ICBC and the legal profession, best to rid ourselves of the whole lot.  Law Office of NeNey and NeNey Occupation Cancelled for now, but not over.  
   We must stop this now.
    Van Island Highway , appears to be thistles, but it all get wash into the ocean. Another nail.

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