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Friday, September 6, 2013

Occupation ICBC

The Garden Party is in contempt of the Criminal Justice Court System, the Legal Organized Crime System (lawyers and their criminal profession), the Medical drug pushing Profession,  and the Monopoly Dentist's Club.   That is not to say that good hearted and descent people are not involved in all these legalized criminal activities, but the members of a club have to take some personal responsibility for the actions of their club and it's members. You must understand that The Garden Party is far more interested in occupying fruit trees than it is in occupying lawyer's offices in Van. Canada.  But some wiki leeks that come into our Garden that must be addressed.  According to leeks, a law firm in Vancouver BC, in concert with ICBC Lawyers has been shafting a First Nations 50 year old half blind illiterate man who now lives in Chilliwack. This relates to a car accident and injuries that took place in the Dawson Creek aera almost a decade ago, the lawyers have been eating up the settlement for years and we have reason to believe that this is common practice of the law profession, especially when cases are involving First Nations People.  As soon as our wiki leeks gets the name and address of the law firm handling this case, Occupation Apple Tree will be posting the name, address and date of an Occupation that will take place in Vancouver at their office to correct this injustice.  To put it mildly, "We Have Had Enough And We Are Not Going To Take It Any More"!  Details will be posted of Sonny Johnston and his wife Tina and the suffering they have been put through by a failed system.  Welcome to Canada !

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