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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mushroom pickers gear

Tough rain gear. Boots that will keep your feet dry.  Compass. Rain hat. Thin blade knife that is easy to open and close and something to keep it sharp. Two clean buckets with lids, easy to open. A lighter. Pieces of soft sponge for cleaning mushrooms as they are picked.  Suggest having  Bear Spray . Water bottle. Know how to light a fire should you get stuck in the woods some rainy dark night. Do not eat berries,  plants,  mushrooms that you do not know.  Work out, stretch strenghten your feet, ankles, legs and wrists.  Find a steep grass hill, put weight in back pack. Walk up down backwards sideways. Young people can get in shape quicker than than the old. Most injures are sprains that happen the first  days to flat ground walkers.

       Yellow chanterelle 
     Old mans hat.
     Hawks wings.

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