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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lawyer Profession. Finished ?

Middle and upper money classes are the lawyers life lines, they will feed off governments, anybody with assets, they even feed off the dead.  We doubt that there is a law firm in the world that isn't corrupt.   They are not interested in the poor because the poor have no assets. But ICBC does.  When ICBC offers a rediculous settlement offer after forceing 50 medical reports, the victim goes to see a vulture who will feed off both ends, and build monuments to Bull Shit. Did you know, they are feeding off you too? 
     The Garden Party, the only Government worth paying attention to in BC, suggests to all law students: drop out instead of cheating to become a honest lawyer , besides no one will want a lawyer in the now future. Might as well take up mushroom picking or gardening, something with a future.   
    The Minister For More Unemployment has just the challenge those poor lawyers need ,  go and hand pull all those invasive plants off our shore lines,  for starters.  Stop all herbicides ! 

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