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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lawyer Profession. Finished ?

Middle and upper money classes are the lawyers life lines, they will feed off governments, anybody with assets, they even feed off the dead.  We doubt that there is a law firm in the world that isn't corrupt.   They are not interested in the poor because the poor have no assets. But ICBC does.  When ICBC offers a rediculous settlement offer after forceing 50 medical reports, the victim goes to see a vulture who will feed off both ends, and build monuments to Bull Shit. Did you know, they are feeding off you too? 
     The Garden Party, the only Government worth paying attention to in BC, suggests to all law students: drop out instead of cheating to become a honest lawyer , besides no one will want a lawyer in the now future. Might as well take up mushroom picking or gardening, something with a future.   
    The Minister For More Unemployment has just the challenge those poor lawyers need ,  go and hand pull all those invasive plants off our shore lines,  for starters.  Stop all herbicides ! 

Drones Are Terrorism

First of all falsely addressed prime minister Harper, a question for you, do you see a Canadian Diplomat's life as equal to the life of a child in N Pakistan ?
    It should be apparent that every drone killing creates more so called terrorists.  It simply creates futile ground to recruit the friends and relitives who now hate those responcable.  Stop the killing, stop the drones and get rid of all chemicals and biological and what ever "secret" new weapons you have or are developing.  This is a message from our Prime Minister, who has been looking at a lot of worms lately.  

Iran get New Canadian Diplomat

     The Garden Party is looking for somebody to fill the job and suggests that Harper guy that always is sayings " we Canadians this and that ".  That way we Canadians can get rid of him,  just like we want Iran to get rid of all Nuclear reactors.  For now, our Minister Busybody will be our Diplomat to Iran. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

$14.000 Check??

    What can one say " First Nations still getting their asses kicked around?                                                        Apparently the ICBC settlement for Sonny has been sent to Sonny by courier , ??  Maybe they only found a piece of the Check,  it was read some time ago, before it got lost as $38 thou.  ?? When details are investigated maybe the confusion will go away.  The bigger crooks ware ties.  And rarely go to jail, some of them get to be Judges in BC. Guess they have a good paying job.

Yellow Chanterelles and Pines

Tuesday, Granville Pubic Market Y C 's should be there by noon.

Coal Mining Ending?

    Coal mining for production of electricity should be shut down around the world.  How much energy is consumed operating our structured numbers racket making cars for all the servers of this nut house we call Canada?  How much energy is consumed making useless garbage, it just goes on and on.  Waste makes money, money makes waste, get rid of waste and money ; the coal and natural gas can be left in the ground.  
    A Message from the Minister for More Unemployment.  We have started training   Young People mushroom picking, and soon we will have more on the job pruning classes, don't wait for spring, Do something!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pine Mushrooms, Granville Island

Public Market , Monday Morning, Lots of fresh pines, some lobster, boletus white chanterelles, Tuesday  yellow and white Chanterelle, open till Wed.

Pine Mushroom Monday Granville

Lobster, pine, Chanterelles  yellow  and white Monday at Granville Island Public Market.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

World Clean Up Week

Started 45 years ago in Surrey' Bear Creek Acid Trip Love In, it took a while to turn the tide, but turning it is.  A clean up project started in Australia from a spark, is now becoming world wide wild fire to clean up our life support system.  What is with that that guy in Ottawa that claims he speaks for all Canadians and will not lift a finger to save the sage grouse.  Maybe it's because the oil companies value money more than life and they keep getting coin operated politicians elected.  Let coin operated politicians go extinct, save that Sage Grouse ! We suspect our pension funds are tied in to the manufacturing of toys for big boys who might also be blamed for more pressure being put on our Natural environment.  The Garden Party of Canada represent the majority of Canadians who choose to ignore elected governments who all seem to end up self serving.  Corruption, deception, fraud. and protection of 'the all mighty buck'. To break the control, as individuals take control by setting up our own government, one of personal development, and participation, freedom to evolve.  Assume you are the government,  there are ways to stop things or start things, without legislation, without money, and the more we can do without money, the more we have control of our lives.   Ignore the elected government.  Take Control, Save the Sage Grose !   The Minister of Everything including signs from NFL suggest loud screaming and his proven sign.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Occupation Van Law office

Mc NeNey +NeNey, (not sure of spelling), former address Alexander Street, now on Howe or Hornby.  Yesterday one Mc NeNey visited Sonny in a hospital, where he was getting tests done.  Sonny had been given drugs which were still affecting him, was handed a check for $1000, given a paper to sign, which he could not read, his wife was in the Hospital but he was not allowed to look for her.  Because of bills that needed to be paid, Sonny signed yet another piece of paper without a clue what he signed. He did state that the lawyer claimed they were looking for the lost settlement check. How many millions of dollars are lawyers milking off ICBC, and accident victims. Everything seems corrupt.  Tomorrow Sonny will be going directly to ICBC to try and find out what the settlement was, and when was it done.  This really calls for a investigation of Both ICBC and the legal profession, best to rid ourselves of the whole lot.  Law Office of NeNey and NeNey Occupation Cancelled for now, but not over.  
   We must stop this now.
    Van Island Highway , appears to be thistles, but it all get wash into the ocean. Another nail.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For Granville Market

This coming Thursday, only beautiful  yellow chanterelles.

Picking Apples Wed

  Never be satisfied with what you think you know.

Revelstoke Occupation

This weekend we will be in Revelstoke to give the first mushroom class to teach local mushroom pickers. Be prepared to handle any weather, classes last all day, in the bush.  A message from the Garden Party Minister of Burn Less Gas.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Gold River Occupation

The logging road to Star Lake, just past the Gun Range, over the bank, lots for you to clean up.  Occupation Apple is in the process of setting up Tourist Attractions wherever we find Garbage in the bush. This company might help out with equipment for big things like appliances and cars.  A message to the friendly folks of Gold   River from the New Government Minister Busybody.

Campbell River Clean Up Crew

Help has arrived, the 8 1/2 year clean up job will be done next week.   Starting Monday is World Clean Up The Garbage And Don't Buy Any More Week,  and refuse junk even if you are told it is free.
    This Campbell River Clean Up Crew is organizing a major clean up of the watershed area and logging roads. Wow!   Call them up and help, or just do it where you are, clean up the world in a week and keep it that way.  World Clean Up Week would go quite well with Buy Nothing Week.  This has been a message from our Minister for More Unemployment.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Congratulations Japan !

For shutting down your last nuclear reactor.  Now cut back all, car  and hot wheel toys for boys and such garbage production and you do not even need the coal burning plants,   We have grape and fig plants ready to go.  Our Minister of Everything and unofficial government Professional Sign Maker from NFL has offered free signs,  "Keep Out For 30,000 Years".

BC Real Estate Collapsed

Property values in Campbell River have dropped so low that this prime location could be had just by occupying the place.  Exempt from property taxes, no sales tax, no GST, PST, or any other BST.  No Deed, No Bill of Sale or Purchase, no need for professional con signatures or surveys.   It is amazing how efficient  the new government of BC functions.  
    This is a message from the Minister for More Unemployment : we have rakes for Developers, Realters, Notries. Tire Patchers, and Car Salesmen.  A reminder the Sept 21 is World Do Nothing Day !, We need eight rake handles.