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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

World Shut Down Day, Aug. 21st.

     Aug. 21st, World Shut Down Day,  Freedom From Money Day,  Freedom From Drones and Bullets Day.   Freedom From Driving Day, Gardening Day.
     Have a better idea ? If so let us know. If not feel free to use ours.  We know legislation does not resolve our problems, as a matter of fact it usually compounds problems.  Therefor the Garden Party is not making any" to do, or not to do"  laws.   That is what our pretend democratic governments are doing, and run the place like it belonged to them the wise ones, slowly eroding the power people have over their government.  The Garden Party's method is to enable direct involvement in government by the individual. The Garden Party is evolving, already it has evolved passed having elections.  The established mobs in control of our governments only tighten their grip to try and prevent evolution.  No matter, they have had their day and they are on their way out.  Welcome to the shade,  in the garden where we all evolved from from a common seed, and now it harvest time 

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