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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

US muscle flexing Latin America

     Here in Canada we have a party elected that committed fraud in the last election, Canadian elections also eliminate all citizens who cannot show and hand over a thousand bucks and still require finding a willing Registered Accountant. Went through 50 to find one in a recent Federal Election. Riff raif, low life Gardeners included , 52% of the population are given blocks, more with every election yet riff raif always get elected, look at our pretend leader Mr Harper. Now we know Snowdon is a Hero of most American citizens, but they do not have a democracy there either, and will have to soon ignore their coin operated dictators, that seem to use fear and make as many enemies as they can to justify their biggest industry.  Yes the arms industry, where all kinds of Canadian Pension Funds are invested, yes Canadians like to look the other way and pretend we are better, we are not.  But we are shutting down our military industry hopefully before it is used on us. No More Military Industry Day , Worldwide , Aug 21st. Same Day as World Do Nothing Day, Buy Nothing Day, Pedestrian Day,  all that is hidden will be exposed , grow a garden.
   The Garden Party is continuing its US embargo  of Putin Peas, with a Detroit exception, until Snowdon is given an Oscar, political prisoners are released as promised, drone killing stopped, and the military industry removed from running the USA. . 

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