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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Automobile Curse

          and lotto tickets.                                                                                            
    There is something nice about doing all the things you want to do in a day without getting into a car.  Having to be constantly aware is a form of stress.  Most " accidents " ?  happen when  someone or some two  are not constantly aware . There are a lot jobs that requires constant awareness, a slip might cost a limb, or a life, just like a car.  People in a hurry, things on their mind other than the road.  Half the population on anti depressants or some other mind affecting drugs. The motorized vehicle is not to blame, used as tool, if needs or benefits outweigh costs to the air purity, costs of water quality, energy used, tires worn, road kill, etc.  Certainly we can say that the auto did not shorten the work week. It did employ a lot of people, if you start with the mining of iron ore to the salesmen, add gov worker's wastes, that too is a cost,  more land used for vehicles than farming, big cost, and all  the maintenance!  Looks like a lot of horse power getting nothing done in a hurry .  
     So the Garden Party of BC, almost the newest Government of Canada has called for a hault to all development projects.  Common Sence Applied, get a good over view, in other words see the whole picture, it's in the detail, any many little things that add up to train loads, clear cut forests, polluting aluminum smelters,  toxic sea food from pulp mills,  all because people buy lottery tickets, just a couple each, these little things need to be addressed, much harm is done unaware, so for those who didn't know, you know now.  Besides, the lottery business, is run by one mob or another , just like the rest of the business gambling; connected to the mob in government.  These thoughts are stressful, where is my anti depressant?  "In the garden of course".

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  1. the very very end of Voltaire's 'Candide' (a short book containing an excellent story) is: "... let us cultivate our garden."