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Monday, August 19, 2013

Silence is the voice of Complicity

When you know error beyond a doubt, and keep quiet about it , you should take some responsibility for the error.  The Garden Party will not be silenced, we are actively developing a different kind of goverment, a better, totally cheaper, so cheaply that every project is self funded, as are the Ministers of Goverment, and taxes are not required.  The ministers get to eat out of the garden of course.
     The Garden Party Of Canada offers a new and different kind of government that would work in Egypt even now.  We offer to sit with all parties in a garden and present a plan, if all parties agree, that no matter how much you may disagree and want to leave the garden, you will not want to.  As soon as we have all these people in the Garden, on constant TV, all will improve rapidly .   This continuous meeting will end up governing in a whole different way!   Also we assume Dipolmatic Status without passports. We are going to start the project now. Send word to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Military, and anyone else in  Egypt, who is willing to put down the gun and the hate while developing the new Government.  The Garden Party of Egypt! Made by The People of Egypt, not by non residents.  If you are going to have a garden,  it is nice to have it close by. 

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