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Monday, August 5, 2013

Rights and Freedom in Canada

Democratic rights of its citizens : #3, have the right to vote in fed and prov elections,  and the right to be qualified to enter into elections.  At least 3 citizens were refused entree, as new rules of money fees to participate as well as a law now requiring a  Chartered Accountant , whose bill is to be paid for by the citizen.   This  is a new law, and after dozens of refusals by CAs, only one offered to consider doing the paperwork but wanted a up front $2500.00 for one candidate.  This is discussing the last BC election.  Every citizens in BC who does not have fee, 250$ or money for a Registered CA has just lost Their Right to enter in elections.  A conservative guess, 20% up to 40 or 52% now can still vote, but have been blocked from entering elections.  Democracy, is a word, it has a dictionary meaning, It is time to put democracy into practice.  Since we are not allowed to participate in elections we no longer consider the elected govs, valid.  When you lose trust in your police, your courts, your military and your government, your schools, your doctors, your air, your water, you food, your self ;  head for the garden gate, clean the slate, be the government, be the solution instead of the obstacle to evolution . There is no money in The Garden.  It does not even make good fertilizer.

Bottom three lines

Garden Gate Government House

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