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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pet Plants

     Pet plants don't kill birds, can be left for days, even weeks without attention, never have vet bills, are cheap to maintain, and don't require licenses.  People have pet rocks, but what can you get out of a rock ?  Once you seen, felt it, the rest is what you put into it.   Plants on the other hand,  can live a life cycle in a few months,  or can grow and change and propagate for generations.  A Pet Plant can provide a useful medicine, or spice for soup, seeds for bread and cereal, leaves and flowers for salads teas, and cooking, tubers that provide calories,  these pets  can be eaten.  You are what you eat, a pet eater,  full of pet.  There is something primal about sticking ones big finger in the dirt and getting grounded. So if you are going to get on your knees, pray with your fingers planting seeds, or pulling weeds, and just maybe you will be answering your prayers. 
     We have  at Occ. Apple Tree Nursery:  Pet Figs,  pure breeds,  Concord Grapes, Sonny's sweet big green red seedless, and about 50 other adorable pets looking for good homes. Also if you have plant pets, that need a home or a special heritage seed or plant that would be wise to have in more locations, put your pet  In our new government garden where pet plants  such as Putin's Peas   are on the move, coming and going.  Adopt  A Pet Plant, and stay grounded.
     BC FEEDS BC, DETROIT FEEDS DETROIT, BC FEEDS NFL, Stead feeds Gull Lake,  MONSANTO POISONS EVERYBODY.and Mono Cropping is a failed attempt.  The Garden Party of Canada, only the second political party in the country not debunked for scandal or corruption , would like to remind you where ever you are. Aug 21st is World Do Nothing Day.  Watch the non-action get in motion 

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