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Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Government.

     Everybody stop being the aggressor, hold your ground, all groups develop your own organization of life and govern yourselves.  Recognize that all people are  branches from the same tree, from the same roots, no matter what God you have or what you believe,  it was all pasted down to you.  You can go back to the beginning when perhaps we were just a blob of hot air floating in space.  So we have in common, way back, the same Grand Parents.  We are all cousins. Yes we have differences,  but far more similarities. We find that people as a whole, do not want or like war. That is natural to all branches of the tree.  But we seem to have a history of  top down rule that if a power is given to deadwood,  Any Form of Gov. we risk always the abuse of power.  When Power of Gov or Money is entrenched , it will go to extremes to hold its power and do things just to keep conflicts going and profits made rotting the whole branch and impacting the whole tree. Pruning is happening now. There is a lot of dead wood around the world and on neglected fruit trees all over BC.     Just get started removing Deadwood. One step at a time, keep your balance.

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