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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Insurance Company on Hoe List.

     Some weeds are invasive, best not to let them get started, Sort of like the mobs protection racket.  The payoffs were insurance.  It was illegal , certain police were getting their cut, and our grandfathers and Grandmothers got upset, and demanded a clean up of the corruption.  Laws were passed and the mob started Legal Protection Rackets, called Insurance Companies. Buy our insurance or you will get your front window broken, robbed, or a little fire. Those are the roots, now you are forced to pay for insurance for almost everything  directly, indirectly, or both.  We pay Organized Crime , now legalized, and all their lawyer and accountants and maintain their 70 story temples that would be better used to grow mushrooms.  Well, the Garden Party has its own insurance; a shovel, 5 hoes,  and lots of Pea Seed, grape plants, figs trees, ready to go, see you on Sunday, mushroom picking Monday. 

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