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Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to fix Government

     Don't participate in anything to do with pretend governments.  Except what you are forced to accept, like drivers permits.  Obey  the  rules of the road, maintain your vehicle,  drive as little as possible.  Everyone is expected to reduce driving private vehicles with a goal of 20% reduction in one year.  The Garden Party has reduced driving 40% thanks to almost full use of World Do Nothing Day the 21st day of every month.  It is the first World Holiday.  So tell your slave master to take a holiday, and take one yourself,  to discuss over the fence the best way to get back to the garden. 

      Happy Nothing Day!

There is no limit to the number of days in a month that this holiday can be celebrated , doing nothing is better than most of the work being done, like buildings warships,  junky plastic handle shovels, selling lotto tickets, flying  drones, and crushing tons of hard rock to get a few grams of shiny yellow stuff.  All the stuff of Canadian Pension Investment Funds.

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