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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Garden Party Uproots Green Party

Grape and fig invasion into Green Party stronghold of Elisabeth May, direct form New Government Headquarters of the Garden Party where all political parties, governments and borders are being composted.  All Gardeners of Japan are wecome to Canada where we are in the process of shutting down all our Nuclear Plants, we learn from other peoples mistakes even if aliens minds (those who believe in jobs jobs jobs to generate money money money making waste waste waste carrying on and on and on) who keep telling their sheep that the best grass is just over the next hill, and if you are upset, take a pill, smoke some pot, it may dull the pain but the medicine to cure the problem may have to be taken full strength.  The Garden Party is leaking out a full wave to shut down the Nuclear Industry world wide, to commence immediately where ever you are.  Shut the world down Sept 21st, next World Do  Nothing Day.  A message from our Minister of the Enviroment responsible for  shutting down the Nuclear Plant in Quebec.  He is still investigating what is happening underground, and is so dug in that now he is saying he will be back in the Spring. Promises, promises, promises.
This moment is worth it all.
3 different grapes, one fig, 7 pots, BC Feeds BC going to Salt Spring Island.

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