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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garden Party Apology

To Mr Harper  .   We don't really consider anyone to be riff raif, and if we walked a mile in Your shoes, with your views we would no doubt have sore feet. On pavement and hard floors surrounded  by police  with the weight of the world  on your shoulders all day  and knowing what is best for all Canadians, we are sorry everything is such a mess. We forgive you for you know not what you do and we know Superman only lives in commic books. Try gardening, change comes from the ground up.  No,  we will not leave the direction up to you . While we are at apologies we have been very harsh with the PR Lady of BC, nothing personal, but the long history of corrupt politics in BC and Canada has been consistent and to expect change from perhaps the most corrupt of all parties would be foolish.  Of course the Social Credit party was a coalition of liberals and troys and there was heavy feeding going on during their rule. It just never stopped, not during NDP, nor will it stop with the Greens. One of who has admitted stealing from public purse before a single green was voted to office. It is the nature of the process, that is why the Garden Party has taken over all governments elected or not.  Welcome  to the New World Order.  Which Is :  "Grow a Garden"!   We will, out our Slush Fund, provide Mr Harper the same Shovel and Hoe that was offered to the PR Lady, as she missed the limited time offer to pick them up,  

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