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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deadwood has to go.

To prune a old apple tree or to clean up the government is pretty much the same. Identify the dead wood and remove, it is useless and will cause more rot on a tree and in Government.  Live branches crossing over each other need attention, just like duplication of Gov. Department., Common sense, letting the light in, balancing the tree, looking at the long term, cut,  nice clear cuts so healing can happen quickly.
       Take a walk around the tree, branchs need to have free movement, sunlite should reach every apple or civil servant at some point in the day. Experiment, figure things out, then ask relivent questions. Lots of info on the web but I like applied learning. That is where education needs to be and I don't mean practicing to be lawyers. There are No Lawyers needed in the Garden Party or the Future. No Bankers, and enough of the Holier Than Thou .
      The Minister For More Unemployment is looking foreword to seeing all those robes carrying a garden hoe.  The Minister would also like to inform you Aug 21, is World Do Nothing Day,  the last 7 were a smash, this will even be better, as more people do nothing. I can hardy stand the excitement, feel it ?

Snoozing in the sun.

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