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Monday, August 12, 2013

Copyright Laws

The Garden Party of Canada, the only legit government of the people in Canada, does not hold to copyrights or patents, so take note.  If you are going have a productive apple tree or good government, dead wood should be removed quickly.  Civil servants from those old government departments  will now serve in the garden at a huge increase in pay. The New Government of Canada will issue on demand:  21 Putin's Pea Seeds,  once .  This is just a good example of how quickly the new government works,   Due to a record smashing pea harvest, and as predicted pea are rolling down banks, the return on one pea seed, in BC has a steady increase of 100, but we may have a pea that can produce a increase of 10,000 in one year. This is one of dozens of experiments going on at our First Community Government Gardens, that continues to grow and evolve.  Plants go out, plants come in,  as do seeds, food. and people.  Soon it may be self operating.  There are 4 other locations developing from this location, all are evolving.
    Mainland Monday mushroom looking,  likely market Thursday, will update. . 

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