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Friday, August 23, 2013


Huge numbers of head injuries in gladiator games ,  even in figure skating.......... Very rarely in the garden, non in our recollection.  Very common with fast motor toys,  helmets cannot prevent concussions, and may give users a sense of protection, therefore take greater risks.  Our  Garden Party Senator from somewhere in eastern Canada, shakes trees to see the nuts fall.  We doubt that a helmet would help if a real big nut came crashing down. And we know there are some big nuts hanging out east. Not that we don't have a few nuts in high places in BC.  Most of the Gladiator Games are really just a corp. Cash business, the players are their agents. Concussions  are personal and public liabilities,  as is war, and we have plenty of that.  We are suggesting our pension funds that are invested in the collapsing    military  industry and hot rod racing industry be pulled and put Into gardens and young Gardeners.  Long term assets.  Gardens are also a perfect place to help recovery from concussion, perhaps all those in high chairs get a little closer to the ground.  Ground that is free from pestcides, herbicides, and the middle class of course. 
Maybe ...settling in for the night?
One packed pot of carrots.

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