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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bank on Gardens

    You can't bank on banks, but you can  put Gardens on most banks.   They would then be an asset instead of a liability.  1/3 of the population working on numeralogy, why not have them working on The Garden.  Turn the money into  dirt, and watch it grow!  Decrease all kinds mental illness, stress, let the Doctors go "on strike" again, the death rate dropped ithe last time they did.   The Banking business is a racket, nothing more than big scam, playing monopoly game for real.  Recognize them for what they are, Scams.  Stop working for them, stop using them, stop fixing their plumbing and washing their marble floors.  They are the past.  The Garden Party has no interest in playing monopoly trying to take over the whole world, we already have.  Perhaps The Garden Party is going to start another holiday just because it can, given a clear mandate by 52% of the non-voters.  So the 21st of August is official declared a World Hoiday From Banking.  This message was sent from the higest Rock in our garden, at the center of the universe, do drop in, Our Mimistry According to John will be there 24/7 but perfers 11/10 , for two weeks, do drop in ,cousin.

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