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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Canada's War Ship in Asian Pacific?

    Why?  Armed and looking for trouble? Making Trouble?  Protecting Canadian Pension Investments?  The Garden Party is calling all Canadian Military Ships wherever they are to prepare to return to Canada for refit or scraped for Shovels. 

End of War.

People of France, England, Canada, US, Russia, and likely everywhere else, are wanting an End of War.  The Garden Party of Canada, in total seriousness, is calling for Complete Disarmament of the Canadian Military,  and the Complete shutdown of the Military Industry.  That is a Goal of  the Garden Party.  We hope to accomplish that goal within ten years.   The sooner the better.  But this also gives a short time for all who rely on war for a living.   Get prepared to meet our Minister For More Unemployment, some jobs just have to go.
     The Garden Party of Canada, is asking persons from France, England and everywhere else to do the same.   Start the End of War where you  are.  Think outside the box, obsticals become history, irritants but not blocks, consistent baby steps will get you home .  
     This is a message from the Garden Party of Canada who vetoes any involvement of Canadian armed forces for conflict outside Canada.    

Back to the Garden

Picking Plums and apples today .
Pot pumpkin. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Government.

     Everybody stop being the aggressor, hold your ground, all groups develop your own organization of life and govern yourselves.  Recognize that all people are  branches from the same tree, from the same roots, no matter what God you have or what you believe,  it was all pasted down to you.  You can go back to the beginning when perhaps we were just a blob of hot air floating in space.  So we have in common, way back, the same Grand Parents.  We are all cousins. Yes we have differences,  but far more similarities. We find that people as a whole, do not want or like war. That is natural to all branches of the tree.  But we seem to have a history of  top down rule that if a power is given to deadwood,  Any Form of Gov. we risk always the abuse of power.  When Power of Gov or Money is entrenched , it will go to extremes to hold its power and do things just to keep conflicts going and profits made rotting the whole branch and impacting the whole tree. Pruning is happening now. There is a lot of dead wood around the world and on neglected fruit trees all over BC.     Just get started removing Deadwood. One step at a time, keep your balance.

Garden Party Uproots Green Party

Grape and fig invasion into Green Party stronghold of Elisabeth May, direct form New Government Headquarters of the Garden Party where all political parties, governments and borders are being composted.  All Gardeners of Japan are wecome to Canada where we are in the process of shutting down all our Nuclear Plants, we learn from other peoples mistakes even if aliens minds (those who believe in jobs jobs jobs to generate money money money making waste waste waste carrying on and on and on) who keep telling their sheep that the best grass is just over the next hill, and if you are upset, take a pill, smoke some pot, it may dull the pain but the medicine to cure the problem may have to be taken full strength.  The Garden Party is leaking out a full wave to shut down the Nuclear Industry world wide, to commence immediately where ever you are.  Shut the world down Sept 21st, next World Do  Nothing Day.  A message from our Minister of the Enviroment responsible for  shutting down the Nuclear Plant in Quebec.  He is still investigating what is happening underground, and is so dug in that now he is saying he will be back in the Spring. Promises, promises, promises.
This moment is worth it all.
3 different grapes, one fig, 7 pots, BC Feeds BC going to Salt Spring Island.

Ministry According to John

We are all in the same book of life, many of us now on the same chapter, more are getting on the same page.  What did you learn from your experience?  Share it.  The Book of Life is Organic.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dr Helen Caldicott

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on you tube. If you are not convinced that we need to shut down the Nuclear Industry world wide check out what she has to say.  The Garden Party is preoccupied with withdrawing it's consumption of energy.  We the people can shut down Nuclear Plants and certainly stop all new development by applying big pressure on coin operated politicians.  The Nuclear Indiustry, like Ikea Toxic Glue Board Junk furniture company, are not in business for your health . They want to make money, Big Money . Spin Doctors with .  Misinformation , or no imformation,  money money money.  Shut down the energy glut. Buy only what you need and avoid packaging the same as you might avoid the plague.   

Friday, August 23, 2013


Huge numbers of head injuries in gladiator games ,  even in figure skating.......... Very rarely in the garden, non in our recollection.  Very common with fast motor toys,  helmets cannot prevent concussions, and may give users a sense of protection, therefore take greater risks.  Our  Garden Party Senator from somewhere in eastern Canada, shakes trees to see the nuts fall.  We doubt that a helmet would help if a real big nut came crashing down. And we know there are some big nuts hanging out east. Not that we don't have a few nuts in high places in BC.  Most of the Gladiator Games are really just a corp. Cash business, the players are their agents. Concussions  are personal and public liabilities,  as is war, and we have plenty of that.  We are suggesting our pension funds that are invested in the collapsing    military  industry and hot rod racing industry be pulled and put Into gardens and young Gardeners.  Long term assets.  Gardens are also a perfect place to help recovery from concussion, perhaps all those in high chairs get a little closer to the ground.  Ground that is free from pestcides, herbicides, and the middle class of course. 
Maybe ...settling in for the night?
One packed pot of carrots.

Feed The People

     First posted 8,23, 2013.  Forget about the money, it's use is on the way out.  Forget about eating, not so easy.  The future will be a lot more gardening and a lot less driving cars to jobs that would be better left undone.  The Garden Party of BC has set a goal of ten years to reach the ability to feed itself.  It is a goal that every community on the globe should have.  The money crash is necessary and will be global. It is only more crazy glue that is being applied to try to hold together the illusion and control by money that is unravelling more every day.  No need to panic, but there is a need to take action. Gardens everywhere,   If you want to start one now instead of some useless job to make money to buy your food, the Garden Party has tools , seeds , plants and enough know how to get you started.  If you have any of those things and are willing to help others, tell everybody around you and evolve. The Global Change Is Happening from the ground up.  Happy Do Nothing Day from the Minister of Rock Gardens now returning from NFL.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Will not be in market this week.  Not enough to come in but some white chanterelles are up, yellows are tiny and neither will be very good if weather stays hot and dry.  Back in the garden, and will be checking prune plums and pears. 

Chicken of the woods in prime condition
ling-chi also growing now

World Shut Down Day, Aug. 21st.

     Aug. 21st, World Shut Down Day,  Freedom From Money Day,  Freedom From Drones and Bullets Day.   Freedom From Driving Day, Gardening Day.
     Have a better idea ? If so let us know. If not feel free to use ours.  We know legislation does not resolve our problems, as a matter of fact it usually compounds problems.  Therefor the Garden Party is not making any" to do, or not to do"  laws.   That is what our pretend democratic governments are doing, and run the place like it belonged to them the wise ones, slowly eroding the power people have over their government.  The Garden Party's method is to enable direct involvement in government by the individual. The Garden Party is evolving, already it has evolved passed having elections.  The established mobs in control of our governments only tighten their grip to try and prevent evolution.  No matter, they have had their day and they are on their way out.  Welcome to the shade,  in the garden where we all evolved from from a common seed, and now it harvest time 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Silence is the voice of Complicity

When you know error beyond a doubt, and keep quiet about it , you should take some responsibility for the error.  The Garden Party will not be silenced, we are actively developing a different kind of goverment, a better, totally cheaper, so cheaply that every project is self funded, as are the Ministers of Goverment, and taxes are not required.  The ministers get to eat out of the garden of course.
     The Garden Party Of Canada offers a new and different kind of government that would work in Egypt even now.  We offer to sit with all parties in a garden and present a plan, if all parties agree, that no matter how much you may disagree and want to leave the garden, you will not want to.  As soon as we have all these people in the Garden, on constant TV, all will improve rapidly .   This continuous meeting will end up governing in a whole different way!   Also we assume Dipolmatic Status without passports. We are going to start the project now. Send word to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Military, and anyone else in  Egypt, who is willing to put down the gun and the hate while developing the new Government.  The Garden Party of Egypt! Made by The People of Egypt, not by non residents.  If you are going to have a garden,  it is nice to have it close by. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pet Plants

     Pet plants don't kill birds, can be left for days, even weeks without attention, never have vet bills, are cheap to maintain, and don't require licenses.  People have pet rocks, but what can you get out of a rock ?  Once you seen, felt it, the rest is what you put into it.   Plants on the other hand,  can live a life cycle in a few months,  or can grow and change and propagate for generations.  A Pet Plant can provide a useful medicine, or spice for soup, seeds for bread and cereal, leaves and flowers for salads teas, and cooking, tubers that provide calories,  these pets  can be eaten.  You are what you eat, a pet eater,  full of pet.  There is something primal about sticking ones big finger in the dirt and getting grounded. So if you are going to get on your knees, pray with your fingers planting seeds, or pulling weeds, and just maybe you will be answering your prayers. 
     We have  at Occ. Apple Tree Nursery:  Pet Figs,  pure breeds,  Concord Grapes, Sonny's sweet big green red seedless, and about 50 other adorable pets looking for good homes. Also if you have plant pets, that need a home or a special heritage seed or plant that would be wise to have in more locations, put your pet  In our new government garden where pet plants  such as Putin's Peas   are on the move, coming and going.  Adopt  A Pet Plant, and stay grounded.
     BC FEEDS BC, DETROIT FEEDS DETROIT, BC FEEDS NFL, Stead feeds Gull Lake,  MONSANTO POISONS EVERYBODY.and Mono Cropping is a failed attempt.  The Garden Party of Canada, only the second political party in the country not debunked for scandal or corruption , would like to remind you where ever you are. Aug 21st is World Do Nothing Day.  Watch the non-action get in motion 

Back to the Garden

Back for a few days.  Have a couple of yards of soil to move, need more planter pots, large ones, will need a couple of hundred for this fall. May go for mushrooms, but priory is the garden.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Helicopter Tours

What kind of phony governments would allow Heli tours?   Certainly the newly elected Green Party Member could make a stand in that big root cellar.
      Flying helicopters, all over the Fraser  River adding to the noise level, blasting out exhaust on our garden, burning up valuable resources,  to entertain tourists and make money, to buy more planes and start the same stupid business somewhere else. Nip it in the bid and start a roll back on all the other useless, wasteful actions , burning fuel for fun.  Yes it is time to go after it all.  From Battery Operated Toys,  to  Gladiator Flying Jets. The Garden Party is very good at all the things it is not doing. We offer free tours to tourists,  they will not need any tools, we have extra.  


This week. Also bringing Yellow chanterelles, matsutake also know as pines, lobsters and bears head. Finally!
King Bolete, Hawkswings, Old Mans Hat.
Red Caps , fresh.