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Sunday, July 28, 2013

US Military Industry

   Yes that is where Canadian Pension Funds are invested.  Now if you want a good return on your Pea, you would be best to invest in a gardener, with constant history of growing food, just like having CPF invested in the arms industry that works very hard, very hard indeed to keep the  world in conflict.  With money made and reinvested in their two favored parties, one might say that the Military Industry is the Government of the USA. A perfect investment with assured  returns on body bags, another spin off industry to sell to created enemies, now that drones are becoming the weapon of choice, just like a computer game,  no blood and guts and screams and smells of burning flash,  just a good investment with high and secure returns, yes we in Canada deserve to be lumped in with the US as we too profit from their War Machine.  We too have a large Military Industry and the Garden Party of Canada, is in the process of shutting it down !  Arms industry  employees, if you quit now we will give you 21 Putin Peas while supplies lasts.   We have 2500 pea seeds to go, but that is only a estimate, we have hired top notch accountants to count our peas.  You may think this is a joke, but when you realize one pea has more value than all the worlds money you may come out of shock..  Anyone can get paper , write numbers on it with picture of a pea and call it valuable, get armed guards (slaves) to ride shotgun in heavy steel trucks to haul the scrap metal and waste paper, stick it in a vault that would be better used as a root cellar, putting 24/7 cameras and guards, all to convince the serfs that they have something of great value worth stealing when it is not worth a pea.  World No Military Industry  Day , Aug. 21, and every day till then, and after.  

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